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  • Ana Abreu holds a PhD in Technology and Education from Campinas State University, Brazil. Her research interests include Internet governance, public policies and authorship issues. She started at Labeurb (Urban Studies Laboratory)a pos-doc research about Internet governance discourse. Research groups member: E-Urbano (Unicamp); Saber Urbano e Linguagem (Unicamp).

  • Slavka Antonova is a researcher in Communication Studies, with teaching experience in four national universities. Her book "Powerscape of Internet Governance: How was global multistakeholderism invented in ICANN?" was published in December 2008 by the German publisher VDM Verlag, and is available through major online retailers:;; (ger. Titles); (engl. Titles);;;
    Slavka has been researching the emerging Internet governance regime in the last seven years. In 2006, she defended her second PhD Thesis at Concordia University, Montreal, on the ICANN experiment in multistakeholderism and its power dynamics. Her first area of expertise is Journalism and Media Studies, where she holds a PhD from Moscow University. Currently, Slavka is Senior Lecturer at Massey University, New Zealand.

  • Seiiti Arata is the Secretary of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network – GigaNet.

  • Ralf Bendrath has been hacking the Commodore C-64 in the 1980s, studying security policy and information warfare in the 1990s, and has been researching privacy and internet governance since 2003. He is also active in several privacy policy contexts and is a ”hard bloggin’ scientist”.

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    Derrick Cogburn

    supporting the GigaNet Steering Committee nomination and election process

    Derrick L. Cogburn is an expert in global information and communication technology policy, global governance, and the use of ICTs for socio-economic development. He is a partner in IGP, serves on the Executive Board of the International Communication Section of ISA and is President of the Information Technology and Politics (ITP) Section of the American Political Science Association. He was a founding member of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet) and currently serves on the Steering Committee as Chair of the Communication committee. Dr. Cogburn also directs the Center for Research on Collaboratories and Technology Enhanced Learning Communities ( and serves on the adjunct faculty at American University.

  • Dr. Laura DeNardis is the Executive Director of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. The author of the book Information Technology in Theory (2007 with Pelin Aksoy) and numerous book chapters and articles, she is an Internet governance scholar whose research addresses the legal and political implications of Internet standards.

  • William J. Drake is a Senior Associate at the Centre for International Governance of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, he is co-editor of the MIT Press book series, The Information Revolution and Global Politics [] and a consultant on global information and communication technology policy issues. PhD, Political Science, Columbia University.

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