2008 Steering Committee Nominations

Nominees (and Status) for the 2008 GigaNet Steering Committee

(As of Monday, 24 December 2007)

Nominations are now closed.

Executive Officers

  1. Milton Mueller (Declined)
  2. Nanette Levinson (Accepted)
  3. William Drake (Accepted)
  4. Derrick L. Cogburn (Declined)

Vice Chair: 
  1. William Drake (Accepted)
  2. Milton Mueller (Accepted)
  3. Wolfgang Kleinwachter (Accepted)
  4. Rolf Weber (Accepted)

  1. Avri Doria (Declined)
  2. Nisha Shah (Out of Office Reply)
  3. Rolf Weber (Abstained)
  4. William Drake (Declined)
  5. Seiiti Arata (Accepted)


Standing Committee Chairs

  1. Peng Hwa Ang (Declined)
  2. Wolfgang Kleinwachter (Declined)
  3. Konstantinos Komaitis (Accepted)
  4. Slavka Antonova (Accepted)
  5. Nanette Levinson (Accepted)

  1. John Mathiason (Accepted)
  2. William Drake (Declined)
  3. Meryem Marzouki (Accepted)
  4. Wolfgang Kleinwachter (Accepted)
  5. Rolf Weber (Accepted)
  6. Konstantinos Komaitis (Accepted)

Outreach and Partnerships:
  1. Slavka Antonova (Accepted)
  2. Meryem Marzouki (Accepted)
  3. Divina Frau Meigs (No Response)
  4. Rolf Weber (Abstained)


  1. Derrick L. Cogburn (Accepted)

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