2008 GigaNet Lunch Session at OECD Ministerial in Seoul

Global Internet Governance: Implications for the Future of the  
Internet Economy

A GigaNet lunch session, organized in cooperation with BK21 Digital Media Division, Seoul National University
COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, Seoul
Grand Ballroom 104,105
12:30-13:30, 16 June 2008  -

This brief side event at the 2008 OECD Ministerial Conference on "The Future of the Internet Economy" will introduce GigaNet and its activities and then highlight some recent developments and emerging issues that could have a significant impact on the future trajectory of the Internet economy. The event will be held as a lunch session during the Civil Society - Labour Forum on "Making the Future of the Internet Economy Work for Citizens, Consumers and Workers". 
The program will consist of short remarks by scholars who have been directly involved in the global policy debates on Internet governance, followed by open discussion with the audience.


William J. Drake
Director, Project on the Information Revolution and Global Governance/PSIO
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Geneva, Switzerland

Myungkoo Kang
Professor, Department of Communication
Seoul National University
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Wolfgang Kleinwächter
Professor of International Communication Policy and Regulation
Department for Media and Information Sciences, University of Aarhus
Aarhus, Denmark

Meryem Marzouki
Senior Researcher, the French National Scientific Research Center  
(CNRS), the Computer Science Laboratory of Paris 6 (LIP6)
Paris, France


William J. Drake (
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